About Us

Welcome to our website. Western Histological was established in 1989 in response to local demand for Australian – made prepared micro-slides at competitive prices. Our aim is to support science in education and encourage scientific enquiry through the microscope.

Initially providing WA university departments with a research consultancy service and selection of quality prepared slides Western Histological has grown its customer base to include individuals, schools and tertiary teaching institutions in most Australia states. Western Histological specialises in animal and human histology and continues to develop and refine its broad product range in line with customer demand and is committed to ongoing improvements to individual products.

In addition to the supply of a large range of prepared micro-slides Western Histological also provides a microscope maintenance and repair service for schools and universities located within the greater Perth metropolitan area.

The logo (‘Rat foetus’ monogram) signifies our products which in our mind incorporates both art and science.